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Welcome to the Carroll Community College Library: Library Orientation

What is the Library Orientation?

This Library Orientation serves as a basic overview of the Library and its resources and services.

It consists of 2 parts: 

  • an Audio Tour of the Library and
  • a tour of the Library Website

The Library Orientation is a required assignment for ENGL 101 students.


General Overview

To take the Audio Tour and complete the Orientation, follow the steps to the right:

  • If you wish, print the Library Maps from the box below or get a copy in the library
  • If you wish, print the Library Orientation Worksheet from the Step 1 box before you come to the library or ask for a copy on a clipboard at the Circulation Desk
    • Complete the 1st part of the Worksheet when you take the audio tour in the library (Step 2)
    • Complete the 2nd part of the Worksheet by visiting the library website and following the instructions (Step 3)

In addition to the Orientation, the library also provides tutorials;

Library Maps

These maps of the library show the location of each of the 6 Tour Stops mentioned in the Audio Tour.

Look for the red Audio Tour signs with the audio symbol in white.

Step 1: Library Orientation Worksheet

Pick up the worksheet on a clipboard in the library before you take the Audio Tour or print it yourself using the link below.

During the Audio Tour (Step 2), you will answer several questions on the 1st part of the Worksheet.

After you complete the Audio Tour, go to the Library Website (Step 3) to complete the remainder of the Worksheet.

Step 2: Take the Audio Tour in the Library

The purpose of the tour is for you to become familiar with the resources available in the library and the services the tour describes. 

Look for the red Audio Tour signs with the audio symbol in white (see above). 

While you are taking the tour, answer the questions on the 1st part of the Worksheet.

You have 3 options for taking the tour:

  • The tour is available on MP3 players that can be checked out at the Circulation Desk along with head phones, or use your own ear buds.
    • You will receive a clipboard with the Worksheet and a pencil attached.
    • Answer the questions on the Worksheet while taking the audio tour.
  • Take the Audio Tour in the library by listening on your personal smart device using a QR Code Reader. 
    • There are many free QR code reader apps available for download at the App Store on iTunes or Android Apps on Google play.
    • Download a QR code reader to your smartphone before you come to the library.
    • In the library, scan the QR code at each tour stop to listen to that portion of the tour.
    • Answer the questions on the Worksheet.
  • The Audio Tour can also be downloaded to your portable device with access to the Internet.
    • To download the MP3 file, right click on the link below and save it to your device.
    • Bring your device to the library to take the tour so you can answer the questions on the Worksheet.

Step 3: Tour the Library Website

Go the the library website below to take a tour and familiarize yourself with the resources available through the library. 

Complete the remaining entries on the Orientation Worksheet relating to the website tour.

Step 4: ENGL 101 students

If you are taking ENGL 101, give the completed Library Orientation Worksheet to your instructor to get credit for completing this assignment.

Librarian Profile

Reference Desk
(410) 386-8340

Audio Tour Transcript

It is not necessary to print the transcript of the tour unless you have difficulty listening to the audio file.